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Textiles, Leather & PVC Leather

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S.No.Principal NameProduct NameEnd ApplicationProduct FunctionUses
1DCW LTD.Synthetic Iron Oxide Red 110Textiles, Leather & PVC LeatherPigmentRed Pigment
2DCW LTD.Synthetic Iron Oxide Red 129Textiles, Leather & PVC LeatherPigmentRed Pigment
3DCW LTD.Synthetic Iron Oxide Red 130Textiles, Leather & PVC LeatherPigmentRed Pigment
4DCW LTD.Synthetic Iron Oxide Red 136Textiles, Leather & PVC LeatherPigmentRed Pigment
5DCW LTD.Synthetic Iron Oxide Red 445Textiles, Leather & PVC LeatherPigmentRed Pigment
6DCW LTD.Synthetic Iron Oxide Red 446Textiles, Leather & PVC LeatherPigmentRed Pigment
7DCW LTD.Synthetic Iron Oxide YellowTextiles, Leather & PVC LeatherPigmentRed Pigment
8DCW LTD.TrichloroethyleneTextiles, Leather & PVC LeatherSolvent
9HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. SHT Hisorb-1 Leather & PVC Leather
10HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. SHT Hisorb-2 Leather & PVC Leather
11HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. SHT Hisorb-4A Leather & PVC Leather
12HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. Vynamon Blue-3RFWNLeather & PVC LeatherPigment
13HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. Vynamon Blue-501501Leather & PVC LeatherPigment
14HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. Vynamon Blue-515100Leather & PVC LeatherPigment
15HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. Vynamon Blue-515100P Leather & PVC LeatherPigment
16HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. Vynamon Blue-515303Leather & PVC LeatherPigment
17HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. Vynamon Green-600734Leather & PVC LeatherPigment
18HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. Vynamon Red- 317601 Leather & PVC LeatherPigment
19HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. Vynamon Red-312201 & 122Leather & PVC LeatherPigment
20HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. Vynamon Red-325401 Leather & PVC LeatherPigment
21HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. Vynamon Red-325403 Leather & PVC LeatherPigment
22HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. Vynamon Yellow -101302 Leather & PVC LeatherPigment
23HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. Vynamon Yellow -118102 Leather & PVC LeatherPigment
24HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. Vynamon Yellow-101306Leather & PVC LeatherPigment
25HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. Vynamon Yellow-113901 Leather & PVC LeatherPigment
26HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. Vynamon Yellow-115002Leather & PVC LeatherPigment
27HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. Vynamon Yellow-118001 Leather & PVC LeatherPigment
28HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. Vynamon Yellow-118002 Leather & PVC LeatherPigment
29HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. Vynamon Yellow-118303Leather & PVC LeatherPigment
30HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. Vynamon Yellow-119101Leather & PVC LeatherPigment
31HEUBACH COLOUR PVT. LTD. Vynamoon Blue-515110 Leather & PVC LeatherPigment
32SOUJANYA COLOR PVT. LTD.Ultratint-Colorants For PolyurethaneLeather & PVC LeatherPigment Preparations
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