1. Marketing and Distributing Chemicals since 1943
75 Years of sustainable growth. A legacy unparalleled not just because of the pioneering status and experience, but the dedication of four generations resulting in time tested relationships both with our customers and principals.

2. 100 Member Passionate Team
We are a company run by an inspired lot of ignited minds. We are fortunate to attract the best talent in the industry, that is passionate to reinvent our services, build lasting relationships and keep our clients extremely happy.

3. 150000 Sq feet of Company Owned Warehousing
Our warehouses that handle such a variety of products having varied lead times are adapting to robotic automation, internet of things with zero tolerance for errors and aim for challenging turn around and delivery timings.

4. 1000+ Active Customers
Our group companies that are present in most of the B2B markets, are quality suppliers of a variety of products. With our independent strategic business units, we are able to serve more than 1000 active customers (customers who have done business in last 6 months). Truly a remarkable feat, but a fraction of our potential.

5. 550+ Products
Over the years, the group has churned the portfolio to constantly launch new companies and product lines. It is an endeavour to introduce new products in the product life cycle, cross the chasm and then gain market share. It is all about focus, grit and persistence.

6. Dominating Player in North India Chemicals Distribution
We are the go to choice for companies looking for a systematic, ethical and passionate distributer of chemicals and industrial raw materials. We are fortunate to enjoy outstanding reputation and benefit from recommendations from our partners.

7. Market Leader in most of its product lines
We don’t get into alliances just to add a marquee name to our portfolio. Our alliances go through comprehensive evaluation process and product lines are added only if we can be a part of our partners’ growth story. Resulting in a leadership position in most of the product lines we have the pleasure of marketing.

8. Automated systems and industry leading standards for quality services
Anyone can distribute products from one dock to the next. That’s why at Our Company with a relentless focus on continuous improvement, we go beyond logistics and over the years have been inspired and in a haste to adapt and execute IOT, Robotic Automation, Tracking, Quality Checks and compliance. We abhor inconsistency. We have aggressive marketing budgets both for industrial marketing in the traditional way and marketing in the social media, internet, emailers and print advertising.

9. Exceptional Market Intelligence
As a chemicals distributor with 75 years experience, the team at our Company understands how critical it is to have perfect command over potential, financial and credit rating, end application knowledge, industry news, grapevine, competition and needs. We are now able to predict and strategise products and design marketing campaigns. With immense talent and systems, that work every day with both customers and suppliers we have internal data base and mining tools that give us grip and grit.